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General Pest Control

Pests are frequently found invading our households, posing threat of damage in houses, hotels, restaurants and offices. Not only are pests an irritation, they can also harm you and your family and pose severe health hazards .So, it's categorically essential to take precautionary measures to avert pests and stay away from serious repercussions.

Rodent Control

Wild rats, vermin, mice and different types of rodents are dangerous and can’t be made cute pets. Rodents make a huge problem to society due to its absolute numbers. Rodents pose both as a hygiene and health hazard. Rodents grow fast and eat a substantial part of human food. A rodent invasion should be dealt with rapidly as they can possibly create utter annoyance and mess up our households, kitchens and offices..

Wood Borer Treatment

Wood Borers can be considered as one of the smallest creatures and hail from beetles’ family and its larva and adult are primarily indulged in eating and destroying wood, causing huge monetary harm to our homes and offices. They occasionally harm plaster, plastic and soft metals. So, it is vital to control such horrible creatures.

Termite treatment

Termites work from inside and before you know it, a lot of expensive furniture, woodwork and paper documents may be spoiled permanently. We use permitted termite abolition chemicals inserted into entrance leading to their nest. Once termite control has been executed, it should be carried out regularly to protect against future termite invasion..

Herbal Pest Control

There are many home remedies for garden pests and it is effective also. Herbal pest control is ecofriendly and cost effective. So, you can use herbal repellents as the part of chemical free pest control spree.


The use of environment friendly technologies for crop protection and parasite/vector control has become gradually significant considering current ecological problems. We offer Fogging services to stop the presence of insects like mosquitoes and flies..

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